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Vol. 11 Nro. 20. Enero - Junio 2017
Wilfredo José Rafael Illas Ramírez
  Dossier Edición Especial: Enseñanza y Literatura
Literature, teaching literature and reading training between university and school
Rosane Cardoso
Literature and education
François Delprat
The stories of literature teaching: an emerging field in research and teacher training agendas
Gustavo Bombini
Thinking with Gadamer: aesthetics of language as human experience and consciousness of authentic reality in history and poetic art
Andrés Eugenio Cáceres
Literary education in the context of the curricular construction for the venezuelan educational system
Wilfredo José Illas Ramírez
Literary reading in the education
Johana Noguera Cárdenas
Liminal Poetry
Luis Moreno Villamediana
Creative reading and writing. Towards the construction of a pedagogy of seduction
Lady Carolina Peña Espitia
Literature as an experience
Gabriel Arturo Castro
The literature class: a horizon for research
Melfi Campo y Nellys Montenegro
Critical commentary method based on polysystems. An integrated literary analysis model of the narrative text
Marlene Arteaga
Teaching literature: questions and posthumous defense in the new secondary education syllabus (2016) in Venezuela
Steven Bermúdez y Jesús David Medina
Bolivarian National Armed Forces and its civic - military relationship, represented in the characteristics of the venezuelan army
Miguel Arteaga
Reflective learning. A theoretical approach
Lesbia Maldonado
The state-education-society triad to humanization of being in the venezuelan educational context
Anabel Guanay
Pemon indigenous ethnics adaptation and their cultural integration in their territorial habitat in Bolivar state, Venezuela
Gladys Naranjo
Concurrent curricula and the world of life relationship: a hermeneutics of curriculum
José Roberto Sánchez
The world of life as the foundation of phenomenological hermeneutics, hermeneutic phenomenology and social phenomenology
Wilfredi Lanza
Validity and reliability in qualitative investigations
Yadira Corral
Theoretical hues to rethink education
María Enolina Casadiego
From learning adult reality to the guider and counselor competences in supporting systems of distance education
Alejandro Rodríguez
Pedagogy and didactics: a critical look to resign the act of teaching in the classroom. Towards a sustained pedagogical gyrology in didactic transposition
Alí Joaquín Campos
Public policies impact on the venezuelan teaching training subsystem
Abraham Sequera y Leonardo Ramírez
A philosophical anthropology of dialogicity for the transformation of venezuelan education
Mirih Berbin Muñoz y Gustavo Fernández Colón
Organizational climate for innovative university management
Ginoid Franco y Paola Lamenta
Promotion of culture and community action. A vision of social integration from the Braulio Salazar University Gallery
Lunes Rodríguez e Ilich Rodríguez
Values and citizenship in globalization
Marina Martínez
The oral tradition as part of culture
Marisela Jiménez
The image as a teaching vehicle in the classroom from contemporaneity
Pastrano Areymi
Integrating organizational culture: roles of the educational manager for the ethical institutionalization of innovation
Cristian Pillajo
Students 'beliefs about mathematics learning
Violerva Alastre y Heidy Borjas
Ethics and moral, human praxis webs: individual tasks touching everybody
Yennis Torres e Hidramely Castillo
Historical perspective of bioethics within the conformation of the operative committee and subcommittees at FaCE-UC
Marcos Yépez Abreu y Marcos Yépez Lovera
Pedagogical aspects for mediation of learning in Venezuelan early education
Ysabel Hernández
Use of virtual strategies in support of face-to-face sessions in the curricular unit castellano instrumental at FaCE – UC
Carlos Guevara y Teresa Mejías
Academic texts writing from cognitive and metacognitive practices carried out with UNEFA-Naguanagua students
Angellys Blanco
Relationship between interpersonal orientation behavior and learning style at university level
Rosa Morales de Muñoz, Kelly Bravo, Rafael Muñoz y María Ferreira
Difficulties resulting in errors in algebraic language learning in third year of general media education students
Irma Rodríguez y Aura Torrealba
Construction of meanings about the pedagogical praxis of the University of Carabobo preparer as a class manager
José Jesús Rodríguez
The process of review and construction of orthography: an experience in primary education
Rosa María Tovar y Nidia Ortega Toro
Cooperative learning as a basis for the construction of a consensus paradigm on the approach to medical education in Dermatological Clinic at Dr. "Enrique Tejera" Hospital City
Sandra Vivas Toro
The school newspaper, academic production to innovate educational action in FaCE-UC university community
Lesbia Lizardo, Saúl Escobar y Trina Alvarado
Effectiveness of situational leadership styles from an approach to Hersey and Blanchard’s model
Yscarlly Pinto y Thais Gutiérrez
Strategies and promotion of reading in schools
Yvel Palacios
Sport and recreational management from the community service to promote activities for the development of high levels of quality of life in la Begoña community, Naguanagua, Carabobo state
Humberto Bracamonte
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